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Männer im Rotlicht – Good Bye Rote Bar

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Rebecca Horn


Fashion Shooting


Model: https://www.instagram.com/hannahkleedorfer/

Mode/Design: Fred K. – https://2069.at/

+Meisterklasse FH-St.Pölten Stiegenhaus-Crew

Regenbogenparade 2022

Vienna Pride in Austria

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Holy and Lily

In the course of my Christmas sales promotion I raffled three photo-shootings on Facebook. Among all comments and likes for a photo of myself in an elf costume I chose three winners who were informed about their luck by private messages.

One of the winners were Holy and her little daughter Lily, who I guess was less than four years old. They both had recently moved from New York to Vienna. Holy was extremely glad to get up-to-date photographs of their little family. Finally we fixed a date and met on January 8th.

It was rather cold when we met that day at Rathausplatz. Of course I intended to do the job legally, so I followed the Corona >Lockdown< rules and observed to keep space of at least four metres to my clients. That´s why I used my Canon-full-frame camera with the tele-zoom lense with a focal lenght of L. 70-200mm f. 2.0.

For an hour and a half I took more than four hundred photos of Lily and Holy. Taking photographs of a child that rarely stands still and doesn´t like to look directly into the camera is a difficult job. In spite of those difficulties I have to admit that I received real positive feedback from my new clients. I worked on the photographs with the „Photoshop lightroom“ – programme. First I sorted them out, then cut them, manipulated the colours, for example to black/white, and at last sent them online by a transfer programme.

Mum and daughter enjoyed the photo-shooting and were grateful to get some up-to-date pictures of themselves.


Antiquitäten und Sammlerstücke

Hallo ihr Lieben!
Gestern Abend war ich bei Oliver auf Besuch, der fleißig seine Bücher, Bilder und Antiquitäten im Altwaren-Laden in der Strozzigasse im 8ten verkauft.

Schaut mal vorbei oder klickt mal durch meine Aufnahmen durch, vielleicht ist ja das ein oder andere „antike Schmankerl“ für euch dabei

Gut Licht euer

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